For more information on the products/services offered, please visit the website Accord does not believe that our services should be charged for probability. Our wills, trusts and other services are very competitively priced; Even if your situation is complex, we will strive to provide you with the best possible protection for your property. There are no hidden costs – what you see is what you get. I work in food production. I work closely with accounts that order 4 Foodservice & grocery products. I think customer service is not an appropriate job title for what we do. We communicate with our customers/accounts, but we are more like account managers. We also deal with transportation issues. They will not change our salary because we are CSRs and as such, we are paid according to industry standards. What other job title could we ask who would compensate us 4 for what we do? Every week we are proud to work with more and more NHS trusts, ambulance services, prison services and other key labour industries. A list of these can be found on our partner page here: We work with many professionals across the UK. We help them offer their clients a wide range of services that otherwise could not be offered.

This ensures that their customers are satisfied and protected. Your clients can enjoy the added benefit of recommending that you, their trusted advisor, have a fully protective will. You also have the option to create a trust, continuing power of attorney, or other estate planning services that will help keep your clients happy. They will be informed of the best possible options available to them, so you can be sure that your customers will be well taken care of. Accord offers this unique service, which is truly free, as a gesture of goodwill and as a sincere thank you to all the important workers who make our country work during these uncertain times. We think that`s the least we can do in the current climate – neither you nor your staff will pay a penny for their will. Unlike other providers that offer similar services, Accord does not require us to act as executors and we do not charge hidden fees. It`s really FREE. We are fully committed to ensuring that all key workers get their own house in order. For Accord, it`s about giving back, not making a profit. We have an ever-growing team of trained Will advisors based across the country with extensive and diverse experience in a variety of areas, including financial services, estate planning, marketing and more. This means that you will receive a highly professional service that comes with the highest level of privacy.

Your privacy and security are our priority. Appointments are made by phone, Skype, Zoom or any other online platform your employees feel most comfortable with. Appointments usually last about half an hour on average. Once the instructions have been given, they are sent to our legal team, consisting of qualified STEP lawyers and collaborators who draft the will and return it directly to the client by post. All our wills are drafted on a consultative basis – each consultation is tailor-made and each will is drafted accordingly, unlike online templates to ensure the best possible service. We are one of the UK`s leading providers of estate planning services and are a member of the Institute of Professional Will Writers. We are led by a team of qualified estate planning specialists from the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP). We work with well-known names such as charities, construction companies and others to validate our capabilities. This way, you can feel safe and comfortable recommending Accord services to your employees.

If you would like to learn more about working with Accord Legal Services or how you would like to become one of our legal advisors, please contact today. We can provide all the information and training needed to start working. Our advisors can also provide advice on a range of other estate planning services, including tax, continuing powers of attorney, escrow services and estate if someone needs additional expert advice. You don`t need to be a lawyer or have a legal background. We offer comprehensive training after which you will be fully qualified and ready to see customers.