Our team focuses on a professional approach to all our legal matters. The official website of TPH Legal Services is tphlegalservices.ca There is no legal debt and you should throw the letter away. If the company had wanted to sue you for debt, they should have done so years ago. Hey, I also received a letter from tph legal. They are threatening to file for bankruptcy against me for a 2013 debt. Let our team represent your best interests in insolvency investigations and auditor representation. I just received this letter, was anything done after ignoring it? How many employees work at TPH Legal Services? Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in handling law enforcement from various points on the ground across Canada. That is what I am relying on. However, they sent these letters and called the home of a family member I had lived with in the past. I recently received a letter from TPH Legal Services about an old credit card debt when I was young and stupid. The letter starts by stating the current creditor, the original creditor and the balance, so I know it`s not a scam. They require me to pay a settlement offer before the end of the week, otherwise the offer will be invalid and I will accept a judgment in full due.

We master the treatment of debts of all sizes. TPH Legal Services` head office is located at 110 Copper Creek Dr Ste 301 Markham Ontario L6B 0P9, Canada You had 2 years to sue after the limitation period. I recently received the same letter about a bankruptcy order, and now the constant calls from them that I triggered on voicemail. I know enough not to answer a call or stumble and acknowledge that debt in a way that could reset the schedule and delay it any longer. Under the leadership of Ontario`s regulator, we uphold the ethics of the Code`s outcomes. Tip for you: Calling to simply ask is only as good as gratitude for them, and they will jump on it. It will be up to you later to prove otherwise if the entire timeline is reset simply because you took the bait and just got a “question.” They play with a person`s morality, and if something in what they do or say scares you even a little, enough to plant the smallest seed of fear and get you to reach it, then they won. Hold on, keep ignoring it.

They have nothing until you give them something. Our team has decades of professional experience in all industries in Canada. Our team is experienced with the ability to respond flexibly to the needs of each of our customers. We thrive on success and defined goals. Thanks for the reply! I would have ignored them, but they harassed my family, with whom I lived years ago. TPH Legal Services` phone number is (416)-888-5297 I am in Ontario. Thank you for your time, any advice would be greatly appreciated!! The debt is 6+ years old and no longer shows up on my Equifax credit report, could they still sue me and get a judgment against me? I can pay the severance package even if it brings me back a little bit on my other bills, but if I do, will it show up again in my report? Finally, the letter states that the current creditor is CBV Collections, but I am asked to pay the amount to international credit experts. Who do I pay when I pay? I`ll go over this with you, with my own calls and letters to the. This isn`t my first rodeo either. TPH Legal Services is in the industry: Legal Services Edit: Thank you for all the helpful answers to all. I will investigate again, are there resources that can help me deal with it? I hope to remove them from my back at some point once I am more financially stable.

When I read the Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Act, I realized that they were just trying to scare me. A good one, I must admit.