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I’m going to enable you to in on a single of my personal large, filthy, online dating keys. A long time ago we started just a little tradition with my blackberry that goes something like this…any time we came across a guy out and exchanged numbers I would enter his name inside my phone utilizing the basic three emails “WTF” preceding it.

This served various purposes—it would instantly permit me to see that it was a drunken encounter, it can lump all those drunken activities together (for enjoyment reasons, without a doubt) and…..it will allow us to offer a private graduation program inside my head that if and simply when they became a deserving possibility, would then i remove this Scarlet Letter—badge of shame any time you will—from their particular title inside my phone. When I got better, and my personal get in touch with listing multiplied uncontrollable, I further amended this little system to feature the origin of meeting. Thus as an example, the entry inside my phone book appears something similar to this “WTF–John—BarXYZ.” Great, I Understand ;).

Stuck indoors one rainy night i discovered me rummaging through my personal cellphone and scratching my personal mind anyway in the telephone calls, messages and numbers I accumulated. When I scroll through, i cannot assist but see my early dementia has started setting in as I try to recall this business but I will perform my better to share several from my personal important “WTF” highlights reel with you.
WTF—Dan—BC : I think it was semi-cute policeman inside the early 20’s, I didn’t just like the multitude of book typos the guy delivered therefore I dismissed him.
WTF—Dan? WB: This can not be great because Really Don’t bear in mind any one of it—AT ALL!
WTF—Dean: King of all of the douches from many years ago….he always give me a call ALL the time and then leave emails expanding and accenting every word the guy muttered, like “heeeellllllllooooooo,” “it’s Deeeeeeaaannnnn.” I actually approved go out with this loss that we will website about quickly.
WTF—Glenn: Adorable! Mid 20’s, their appropriate appeared as if a filthy frat household, he’d a weird obsession using the tv program guy vs. crazy in which he used to awake each morning towards the track Eye of the Tiger….ahh the memories. The guy just cannot handle an adult girl.
WTF—Jason—VO: Sleazy European! He and his friend attempted to get my personal roommate and us to go up to his appropriate that has been down the street from in which we came across him…probably because a) he was inexpensive and didn’t like to buy drinks and b) the guy wanted to have an orgy. Never ever went with him.
WTF—Max: We sat next to both on an airplane ride residence from Vegas. He was with a small grouping of guys on the long ago from a bachelor party. We talked the entire flight—something in regards to the proximity of our seats and environment borne-ness simply managed to make it much more flirty, touchy, hot and sexy. The guy never called….and I would personally bet it absolutely was their bachelor party which they happened to be coming residence from.

Well, it doesn’t also generate a reduction during the number but it’s all You will find time for today! Oh yea, an added perk within this system, the “W” in “WTF” keeps these fellas in the bottom of my list—which is actually in which they all belong. Until next time, keep on hiking!

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